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what is vessel engaged in fishing插图

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The term 鈥渧essel engaged in fishing鈥?means any vessel fishing with nets,lines,trawls or other fishing apparatuswhich restrict manoeuvrability,but does not include a vessel fishing with trolling lines or other fishing apparatus which do not restrict manoeuvrability.

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  • When is a vessel engaged in fishing?

  • While en route to her fishing grounds, a fishing vessel must be considered as a ordinary power-driven vessel and comply with all the rules applicable to that type of vessels. Only when she has reached het fishing ground and starts to pay out her fishing gear, will she be considered as a vessel engaged in fishing.

  • What is the meaning of fishing vessels?

  • Meaning: Fishing vessels means vessels actually fishing and which due to their equipment in the water are unable to move away and keep clear of other vessels. If the fishing vessel is not fishing or is using equipment, which does not restrict their taking evasive, action for safety then they are not termed as fishing vessels.

  • What is a sailing vessel?

  • BOTH INTERNATIONAL INLAND A sailing vessel is proceeding along a narrow channel and can safely navigate ONLY inside the channel. The sailing vessel approaches a vessel engaged in fishing in the narrow channel.

  • What is the give-way vessel?

  • (B) A sailing vessel overtaking another is the give-way vessel. BOTH INTERNATIONAL INLAND Which vessel would show 3 shapes in a vertical line, the highest and lowest being balls and the middle shape being a diamond? . BOTH INTERNATIONAL INLAND Which vessel sounds the same fog signal when underway or at anchor?