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what is the best rod for pike fishing插图

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A medium-heavy/Fast action rodallows you to place your spoon with ease while giving you the ability to control larger pike. For those that want more response and have a rod that is also satisfactory for fishing walleye as well as pike,a medium/Fast action rod would be best.

People also ask

  • What is the best northern pike fishing rod?

  • The best northern pike fishing rod is the St. Croix Triumph fishing rod due to excellent craftsmanship, balance between action and sturdiness, and ability to hold up to long fights with huge fish.

  • What gear do I need to start pike fishing?

  • The right fishing rod is probably one of the first gear you want to invest in when starting pike fishing. What determines a good pike fishing rod? A great pike fishing rod is usually 8-9 ft long and has a fast action with medium or medium-heavy power. This gives you good leverage and hooking ability when the pike strikes.

  • What type of fishing rod should I buy?

  • Depending on the brand, it鈥檚 best to fish rods with Heavy or Medium-Heavy power. Some brands, including Daiwa, St Croix, and Ugly Stik, build Medium-Heavy blanks that are strong enough to withstand Northern Pike.

  • Are St Croix rods good for pike fishing?

  • Flat-nose shad, jerkbaits, and large swimbaits are all fished effortlessly on the St Croix Premier. We recommend the 7鈥?鈥?Medium-Heavy power model. Like Daiwa, St Croix has the level of build-quality that makes their Medium-Power rods strong enough to handle pike. Fishing a St Croix rod for the first time is euphoric.