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what is the best lure for crappie fishing插图

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  • What is the best size lure for crappie fishing?

  • Bobby Garland Mo鈥橤low/StrollR鈥?Grubs Crappie Lures Top angler and Mississippi crappie guide Brad Chappell is a huge fan of long-line trolling with tandem-rigged jigs. When fish are suspended in shallow water, he opts for 1/24-ounce models. When fish are deeper, he鈥檒l tandem rig the same jig, but increase the weight to 1/8-ounce.

  • How to fish for crappie like a pro?

  • We鈥檝e broken down the most popular crappie techniques to help you start fishing like a pro. If you find a brush pile or submerged log and drop an anchor. Cast out a minnow set below a bobber and start hauling in crappie.

  • What is the best color for a lure?

  • Their favorite color is Buttercup. But the best lure hue varies a lot, even during the course of a day鈥檚 fishing. They鈥檒l rig a wide range of Moon Jigs off multiple rods, making sure they cover the color spectrum from orange and chartreuse, to pink and white.

  • What is the best lure for bass fishing?

  • Black works well in low light conditions and murky water and white works well during the day. This lure can have the rubber jig swapped with a gulp shad to add scent to the lure. This is especially important when fishing at night. 3. PowerBait Power Minnow