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what is the best fishing app for android插图

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Android version: 4.4+ FishAngler is probably the best fishing app for most of you, as it’s a multi-purpose app. Though this app will only serve you if you’re an angler, or in other words, use the ‘angle’ method for fishing. The design of this app is spot on, and the app contains a number of features.

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  • What is the best app for fishing?

  • The five best portable fishing apps of 2019 are: Fishbrain Fishidy Deeper Smart Sonar Navionics Pro Angler

  • What are fishing apps do you use?

  • 7 Free Fishing AppsFishAngler. This app is great because it has detailed maps and weather forecasts, so you can decide where and when to go fish, as well as a logbook so …FishBrain. We had the chance to interview the FishBrain CEO Johan Attby (you can watch it here ), and we were incredibly impressed with what they have done in …Fishidy. …IGFA Mobile Lite. …More items…

  • Is the Fishbrain app free?

  • The FishBrain app is free for download, but the company has also been in the works of launching a premium version to increase revenue and give more valuable features to the anglers.