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what is the best bait for mackerel fishing插图

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silver spoons

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  • Do you need to take bait when fishing for mackerel?

  • You need to take bait with you (I recommend sprats). No need to take loads of bait though, because as soon as you catch one mackerel you have plenty of bait for the day (mackerel strips are a great float fishing bait). You can only catch one fish at a time, unless you use the method described below.

  • What color lure is best for mackerel fishing?

  • What colour lure is best for mackerel? Mackerels鈥?natural prey tend to be silvery white and therefore bright, shiny lures are often considered the best. These reflect light which increases their visibility to the fish. It鈥檚 often said that the colours of lures are there to catch the anglers rather than the fish!

  • What is the best lure to use for bait fishing?

  • Sabiki: Amini lure that is superb for catching the smaller baitfish like sandeels, launce, herrings, joey mackerel and scad. Amust-have during summer for catching bait, but cast with care because they are fished off light line. Silver tinsel: Atried-and-tested favourite.

  • How to fish for Spanish mackerel?

  • Spanish mackerel offer fast fly rod action. With a weight forward or intermediate sink tip on a fast-action rod, work the bait pods in the same manner as the jerk baits. The mackerel have a hard time telling Clouser minnows with bead eyes in chartreuse-and-white with a couple strands of silver flash apart from the real McCoy.