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what is sport fishing插图

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Sport fishing refers to angling for competitive or recreational purposes. Simply put, it is fishing you do for fun rather than for survival or food. It includes both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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  • What does sport fish mean?

  • sport fish. noun. a type of fish that is prized for the sport it gives the angler in its capture rather than for its value as food.

  • What it is sportfishing?

  • Definition of sportfishing. : fishing done with a rod and reel for sport or recreation.

  • Is flyfishing a sport?

  • But flyfishing is a pastime, not a sport. The threshold should be: If you can smoke and drink beer during said activity, it should not be considered a sport. Well, okay, pole dancing might count. And golf gets an exemption because people will pay money to watch golfers do their thing. So does pro bass fishing.