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what is pole fishing插图

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A pole used for fishing. a rod of wood or steel or fiberglassthat is used in fishing to extend the fishing line. Show declension of fishing pole. fishing pole ( plural fishing poles) noun. fishing pole ( plural fishing poles) Automatic translation: fishing pole. stem ming.

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  • What are the best fishing poles for every occasion?

  • Check out the best fishing poles for almost every occasion below. 1. Daiwa Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod 2. Okuma Celilo Ultra Light Trout Rods 3. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod 4. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel 5. Entsport Camo Legend Baitcasting Rod

  • What does the weight of a fishing pole mean?

  • Essentially, the weight (or power) rating of a fishing pole refers to its resistance to bending. In other words, a light rod is less stiff, and therefore bends more easily than a heavy one. Thus it intuitively makes sense that you should choose a light pole for catching smaller fish, and a heavy pole for catching bigger fish.

  • What is cane pole fishing and how does it work?

  • Cane pole fishing is a tried and true method of fishing that countless generations have partaken in. Whether you want to go after largemouth bass, crappie, or big grouper in the ocean, there鈥檚 a cane fishing pole that will handle the job. Cane pole fishing has been a popular method for a long time.

  • How do fishing poles bring fish to the shore?

  • Then they can bring the fish onto the shore by either continuing to raise the tip of the pole towards the sky, or by pulling the pole inward. These days modern cane poles are not typically made out of wood or bamboo, but instead are made of fiberglass or metal and are telescopic.