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what is nylon fishing line插图

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long threaded material

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  • What is monofilament fishing line?

  • Monofilament fishing line, or 鈥渕ono鈥?is the most basic and most common fishing line out there. Made out of nylon extruded in a single, continuous filament and left untwisted, monofilament fishing line is a good all-around line that is smooth and a bit stretchy.

  • How do I choose the best nylon fishing lines?

  • The best nylon fishing lines have a good, consistence strength/diameter ratio, and are soft and supple. Like most items of fishing tackle, you get what you pay for, and the very cheapest nylon fishing lines seldom represent the best value.

  • What is nylon line made from?

  • Nylon line is made from liquid nylon, by drawing it out in a continuous strand until it has reached a desired diameter, and an associated breaking strains.

  • What is braided fishing line made of?

  • Braided fishing line, also made of synthetic plastic fibers such as nylon or more specialty materials like Dacron, see below), is stronger than monofilament line and is therefore more common for fishing larger species. It also has no stretch, which allows anglers to feel every move the fish makes on the end of their line.