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what is illegal fishing插图

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ILLEGAL FISHING refers tofishing activities conducted by foreign vessels without permission in waters under the jurisdiction of another state, or which contravene its fisheries law and regulations in some other manner 鈥?for example, by disregarding fishing times or the existence of the state鈥檚 protected areas.

People also ask

  • What is the problem of illegal fishing?

  • Illegal fishing Illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing contributes to the problem of overfishing. Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing can take place without concern for the environment or the strict regulations on fishing quotas.

  • Is unregulated fishing illegal in the High Seas?

  • Although unregulated fishing is not in fact illegal under the law of nations applicable to the high seas, it is nonetheless problematical. It results in additional fish being caught over and above the maximum catches agreed by RFMO member states for their respective regions.

  • What is unregulated fishing?

  • Unregulated fishing occurs in areas or for fish stocks for which there are no applicable conservation or management measures and where such fishing activities are conducted in a manner inconsistent with State responsibilities for the conservation of living marine resources under international law.

  • What is a non-fishing incident?

  • Fishing that has not been reported, or has been misreported, to the relevant national authority or RFMO.