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  • What do I need to go ice fishing?

  • In order to go ice fishing, the fisher needs a saw, ice spade, or auger in order to cut the hole in the ice. Sometimes, a strainer may also be necessary to remove new ice as it forms while drilling the hole or while ice fishing. The types of fishing rods needed for ice fishing depend on the fish the fisher hopes to catch.

  • How much ice do you bring fishing?

  • So, how much ice is safe ice? A lot of veteran anglers start to feel comfortable when they find two inches of good ice. Some more safety minded people suggest anglers wait for at least four inches of solid ice to start fishing. Others in areas where heavy vehicles and ice houses are used call for anglers to wait on eight inches of ice or more.

  • Where to ice fish?

  • Best Places To Ice Fish In The US Silver Lake, California. It may well be in the proverbial golden state, known for its sunshine, but this spot is a popular location for ice fishing. Lakes Of The Woods, Minnesota And Canada. Claiming to be the walleye capital of the world, our next top spot has been commercialized, so you’re unlikely to be alone … Lake Champlain, Vermont. … More items…