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What Is CopolymerCopolymer

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  • Is the copolymer fishing line made of nylon?

  • Now, to be clear, it is fairly similar to monofilament fishing line in many ways. For one, it is made of nylon, which many monofilament fishing lines are also made of. Yes, both monofilament and copolymer lines can potentially be made out of other materials.

  • Why do you use copolymer fishing line instead of fluorocarbon?

  • Its sinking ability makes it great for fishing beneath the surface with swimbaits and jerkbaits. Knots don’t tend to damage it as much as they do most other lines. That means that, unlike with fluorocarbon line, you won’t have to master new knots to keep it from flying off when you cast.

  • Is there such a thing as monofilament fishing line?

  • However, if you are just getting into fishing, you might be a little confused in terms of what these types of fishing lines are and what they are good for. Yes, there are monofilament, copolymer, fluorocarbon lines, and braided fishing lines too. Today we are here to discuss copolymer fishing line.

  • How often should I Change my copolymer fishing line?

  • Because they are nylon fishing lines, they are susceptible to the same damage from the sun’s rays and heat that a monofilament line would. Accordingly, you should change your copolymer lines about as often as you change your mono lines. They are also more invisible in the water than many standard flourocarbon lines.