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  • How do you make a drop shot rig?

  • Drop Shot Rig Knot Tying Instructions Begin by tying a Palomar Knot with a long tag end. Tie a loose overhand knot with the hook hanging from the bottom of the loop formed. While holding the overhand knot between thumb and forefinger, pass end of loop over the hook. Pull on both standing line and tag end to tighten down the knot onto eye of hook.

  • What is the best drop shot rig?

  • Longer, worm-like baits like worms or minnows are best for a drop-shot rig because their tails undulate in the water. Take the bait and pierce it through the nose. This will give the bait the most realistic movement in the water. Examples of live bait you could use include minnows, worms, and nightcrawlers.

  • When to use Dropshot?

  • The drop shot is best used when the shuttle is heading towards you in the first half of your court. To perform this stroke, the player must hit the shuttlecock downwards towards the opponent’s fore-court, aiming for it to go just over the net.

  • What are the best drop shot worms?

  • Best Drop Shot Baits for Bass Fishing Roboworm Straight Tail Worm. The roboworm is an all-time great drop shotting bait and its number one on my list for good reason. … Strike King Dream Shot. The KVD Dream Shot is another all-round solid drop shot bait. … Jackal Cross Tail Shad. … Zoom Finesse Worm. … Berly Powerbait Twitch Tail minnow. … Strike King Drop Shot Half Shell. … Missile Baits Drop Craw. … More items…