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  • How does one der Reel Fishing rods work?

  • Become Part of the One-Der-Reel Family The Patented One-Der-Reel design makes freshwater fishing with one paw a snap! Just cast and automatically reel in your catch with the push of a button. One-Der-Reel fishing rods are custom fishing rods utilizing the One-Der-Reel technology.

  • Who is the inventor of the one der reel?

  • Our Founder, Kim Mullen, who suffered a stroke which disabled her entire left side some 23 years ago, wanted to provide a fun fishing experience for all anglers, disabled, young and old alike. In that quest she has invented the ONE-DER-REEL.

  • Why are fishing reels called fixed spool reels?

  • By far the most common fishing reel available – almost every single angler in the country has at least one fixed spool reel. The reason why they are called fixed spool reels is simple – the spool of the reel, under normal fishing circumstances, doesn’t move.

  • What can I do to stop line coming off my reel?

  • All the angler has to do to stop the line coming off the reel is to pick up the rod and turn the reel’s handle to disengage the free spool mechanism. This feature is widely used by specimen carp, barbel, pike and catfish anglers as those species are widely known to pick up baits and swim off with them.