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what do you need to go fishing插图

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Depending on where you’re going fishing and what type of fishing you plan to do, you may need more than this, but these are the basics:Fishing LicenseFishing Rod, Reel, and LineTackleFishing Hat, Sunglasses, and SunscreenFirst Aid KitCoolerFishing Cart, Caddy, or BackpackOther Tools

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  • What gear do you need to start fly fishing?

  • All you really need to get started fly fishing is a rod, a reel, fly line, fly backing, a leader, and a few flies — and a fishing license. That’s it. You don’t need fancypants waders. You don’t need a special vest or chest pack or boots.

  • What do I bring to go fishing?

  • What To Pack for a Fishing Trip Fishing License Fishing Rod, Reel, and Line Tackle Fishing Hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen First Aid Kit Cooler Fishing Cart, Caddy, or Backpack Other Tools

  • What fishing gear do I Need?

  • Basic gear includes a fishing rod and reel, a tackle box, line, and some sort of bait. Artificial lures are ready to fish right out of the box. If you fish with organic bait (for example, worms and minnows) you’ll need hooks, sinkers, corks, and swivels, many of which can be stored neatly in film canisters.

  • What is a fishing gear?

  • A fishing gear is the tool with which aquatic resources are captured, whereas the fishing method is how the gear is used. Gear also includes harvesting organisms when no particular gear (tool) or boat is involved.