what do i need for a fishing pole插图

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You will need some equipment to set out for fishing; to set up a fishing line and preparing it for fishing. The necessary things are: Afishing reel (The compulsory equipment). A fishing pole with some weights.

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  • What size fishing pole should I buy?

  • For beginners, most anglers will agree that a 7鈥?fishing pole is a good all-round choice. Which rod material should I choose? Fishing rods are made out of fiberglass, graphite or composite (a mixture of the two).

  • What are the different types of fishing rods & poles?

  • Different types of Fishing Rods poles: Buying guide. 1 1. Casting Rod. 2 2. Spinning Rod. 3 3. Pen Fishing Rod. 4 4. Fly Rod. 5 5. Telescopic Fishing Rod. More items

  • What size fishing rods do I Need?

  • These can be very specialized fishing poles but once again keep in mind you can get by with using 1 pole for many situations. For bass fishing, the casting rods I recommend are from 6鈥?鈥?to 8鈥?in length and all come with a fast tip action except the rods I use for crank baits which have a medium fast tip.

  • What are composite fishing poles made of?

  • This is where composite materials come in. A mixture of graphite and fiberglass, composite fishing poles give you all the flexibility you need without adding much weight or sacrificing sensitivity. In plain English, this is how you get to handle a 100-test lb line on a 20鈥?0 lb frame rod.