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  • What kind of prey does a fishing spider eat?

  • Able to feed on prey almost five times their size, fishing spiders have been reported to eat aquatic insects, minnows, tadpoles, frogs, and even small fish. When weaving their own tent-like nests – or nursery webs – they like to build in tall grasses, between rocks, or under docks. How worried should I be about fishing spiders?

  • What kind of spider is a fish catcher?

  • North America is particularly rich in Fishing Spiders, most of which are classified in the family Pisauridae. Eleven family members are documented fish-catchers, and others may do so as well. Also known as Nursery Web Spiders, some live far from water and eat insects, while others move between aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

  • Where are fishing spiders found in the world?

  • The Pisauridae family’ s fishing spiders have a wide distribution found primarily in Asia, alongside North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and New Zealand. Most species of this genus are semi-aquatic, inhabiting close to a water source, waiting for their prey.

  • What should I do with my fishing spider?

  • Be sure to check your spider’s location before opening the terrarium, as they are incredibly fast. Dark Fishing Spiders do fine in simple terrariums, but show themselves to their best advantage if provided plenty of space, live plants, upright cork bark slabs and a small pool of water.