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  • What color braided fishing line is best?

  • Green Braid Is Low Vis -One of the most popular colors for a braided fishing line is green and that is for a reason. Green braid often blends in super well in nutrient rich waters such as bays, lakes, inlets etc.

  • What is the best line for surf fishing?

  • Surf Fishing Line Tips. Lighter Line – Most surf fishermen use 12 to 20 lb test line then attach a shock leader to the running. I tend to use 17 lb test Suffix and have great success with knot strength to my shock leader. Lighter line will cast farther and I would say never to go over 20lb test line when surf fishing.

  • What color braided line is best?

  • One of the most popular colors for a braided fishing line, outside of clear, is green. From moss green to low-visibility green, the names are different but the color variations are slight. What makes green so popular among many anglers is its ability to blend in based on camouflage.

  • What is the best saltwater fishing line brand?

  • According to Dick’s Sporting Goods, fluorocarbon is one of the best all-around saltwater fishing lines. It combines strength, durability, stiffness and invisibility into one fishing line.