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GENERAL – The following is a list of the essential carp fishing tackle items most carp fishermen have when they go fishing:Rod (s): one or two carp rodspreferably with a test curve of 1.5 鈥?2.5 Reel (s): one or two reels with 8lb 鈥?12lb line and preferably with a bait runner facility. Landing Net: a large landing net.

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  • What gear do you need to catch carp?

  • The only gear required to catch carp is a rod, reel, 25lb. line, a strong hook, weights, net, bait and a licence. Most anglers already have this basic equipment, I will delve deeper into the topic below on how to set up your gear to catch carp. A strong fishing rod and a fair sized reel.

  • How big of a rod do I need for carp fishing?

  • With fish from double figures up to 40lb or more possible, you’ll need to step up your gear considerably. A typical carp rod is 12ft long and boasts a test curve of between 2.5lb and 3.5lb, for big fish and potentially long casts.

  • How do you get carp to take bait?

  • If you can dump some corn in the area each day prior to actually fishing, the carp will become comfortable feeding safely on the bait. It will decrease the amount of time it will take for carp to take your bait when you actually do fish the location.

  • What is the best hook for carp fishing?

  • Circle or Octopus hooks are best for carp due to their design. The point of the hook is angled and points back towards the eye of the hook. This creates a natural hooking/turning motion when carp try to spit the bait and hook out. Nearly every time a carp tries to spit the hook, it turns and lodges itself perfectly in the side of its mouth.