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what can i use as fishing bait插图

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You can use chunks of ivory soapas-is (a little tough to get on the hook without breaking,but doable with some patience) OR you can melt it down and add some bacon grease to create the perfect bait that is moldable. Canned meat. Just crack open the can and squish it onto your waiting hook!

People also ask

  • Can you use corn as bait for fish?

  • For panfish and small channel catfish, it is a fine idea using corn. Bass, pike, pickerel, and walleye couldn鈥檛 be bothered with corn. Don鈥檛 use corn for them. But for hatchery-raised trout and carp, corn can be your winning ticket. Corn is an amazing bait for these fish. Corn is an awesome bait for common carp.

  • What is the best bait for fishing in the ocean?

  • Bluey Bluey is my favourite all round sea fishing bait. Also known as pacific saury and mackerel pike (if you look at them you see why), bluey catches almost every sea fish. Because of its high oil content it leaves a very long scent trail.

  • What kind of fish is too soft for fishing bait?

  • Other oily fish such as herring or sardine are often way too soft to use as bait, especially thawed. Bluey remains firm even after being in and out of the freezer several times.

  • What are the best methods for fishing a trout bait?

  • The best methods for fishing a trout bait are bottom bouncing and float fishing. Done well these are excellent ways to catch trout with bait.