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what bait to use ice fishing for perch插图

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When it comes to choosing the best ice fishing bait for perch, try withjigging spoons, hard jigging bait/swimming lures, and soft baits like jig heads. In darker waters you can use flash lures. If you prefer live bait, the best one is a minnow. What time do perch bite ice fishing?

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  • What are the best ice fishing lures for perch?

  • The ice fishing season is upon us once again. In some parts of the world, ice fishing has already begun. If you鈥檙e preparing to fish on the hard water, there鈥檚 a good chance you will want to grab some of the best ice fishing lures for perch. Yellow perch feed year round, which makes them a great fish for ice fishing.

  • How to jig for perch in the winter?

  • Jigging for Perch Ice Fishing Start your jigging cadence by dropping the bait down and poofing the bottom. Rapidly pick up and drop the tip of your ice fishing rod to create a ruckus on the bottom. The disruption signals a struggle of feeding activity in the area which calls in Perch.

  • Can you use perch bait for bass?

  • If you are allowed to use them, perch are an excellent bait for big catfish, pike, muskie, and even bass. You can use them either live, dead, or as cut bait. Is it legal to use perch as bait? Whether or not it鈥檚 legal to use them depends on the sport fishing regulations of your state.

  • What are the best Pike bait for winter fishing?

  • If you鈥檙e a pike angler who likes to use tip ups, then perch are an ideal bait to try with this method. You can use them either live or dead, as pike are even more partial to dead fish during the winter.