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what are outriggers used for on a fishing boat插图

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  • What are outriggers used for?

  • Mainly used in deep sea trolling, outriggers are a pair of long poles fitted on both sides of a boat that holds fishing lines away from the boat. It is usually made of fiberglass and aluminum, and is tilted at an angle between 70 to 80 degrees. When being used, outriggers are lowered to an angle nearly the same level as the water鈥檚 surface.

  • What size outrigger pole do I need for my Boat?

  • Outrigger poles are used on many types of saltwater fishing boats and can differ quite a bit, ranging from 12鈥?long poles for small center consoles up to 50-plus-foot-long versions for large convertible sportfishing yachts. Larger outrigger poles often get extra support from spreader arms and support cables.

  • Should you retract outriggers when trolling?

  • When you are not trolling or otherwise using your outriggers, you can retract them down to their minimum length and easily fit your boat into low-clearance areas. As well as into tight slips in between other boats at a dock.

  • Why do anglers use downriggers?

  • A major reason why anglers often prefer to use downriggers as opposed to merely adding more weight to their fishing lines is that once a fish strikes, the release clip holding the fishing line to the downrigger line pops free. From then on, the angler is able to fight the fish without any additional weight. What Are Outriggers?