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what are fishing flies插图

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Fly fishing flies are such essential items which are made of different insects,small animals,baitfish,invertebrates,and other fish fodder. Usually,flies used to be tied with natural materials,such as feathers,thread,and animal hair. At present,synthetic and natural materials are used to make flies,sometimes both are used on the same fly.

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  • What is fly fishing and fly fishing?

  • Today, fly fishing is characterized as the use of specialty tackle to cast miniaturized lures, in a bid to catch fish that feed heavily just below the water鈥檚 surface. In this method of angling, a weighted line is used, in order to facilitate casting, as traditional flies are too lightweight in nature to be cast with standard fishing equipment.

  • What are fly fishing starter flies?

  • Beginners to fly tying are often surprised to learn that the term 鈥渇ly鈥?is mainly generic. While some fly fishing starter flies do resemble flying insects, other beginner flies are designed to mimic the appearance and motion of fish food like baitfish, leeches, worms, crustaceans and scuds.

  • What are the best fly patterns for fly fishing?

  • Dry flies are good for trout, panfish and bass. Plus, there鈥檚 nothing more exciting than watching a fish break the surface to take your fly. See chart below for classic dry fly patterns. 2. NYMPHS Nymphs are imitations of young insects in their larval form that live in the water.

  • How many types of fly fishing flies are there?

  • Fishing flies are tied in over 5,000 patterns and sizes, and each has a specific name. The Cosmo Gordon, for example, is a fishing fly that was made for salmon fishing in England around 1900 and is named for the legendary angler.