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Atlantic bluefin tunashould be banned internationally:ICCAT scientists Scientists with the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT) have said in a new report that a global ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna fishing is justified. ICCAT meets in November to decide if they will follow their scientist鈥檚 recommendations.

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  • What are temporary bans on fishing?

  • Temporary bans on fishing of certain species are already used worldwide to maintain fish stocks and protect the environment. Some last a few weeks or months annually. These seasonal bans are designed to protect fish during their breeding seasons, for example, or to protect the sea bottom from damage, as with shrimp trawling bans.

  • What would happen if we banned fishing in Europe?

  • So while in Europe or the US we could eat more meat or soy products to make up for lost protein, a fishing ban could lead to food scarcity in communities with little land-based farming. We can also envisage a black market developing for fish, as there currently is for beluga caviar in the US, where it鈥檚 banned.

  • Could a global fishing ban SAVE our oceans?

  • A total global fishing ban would increase stocks, while helping to rebalance upset ecosystems. Eating less lobster thermidor, for example, would help keep seaweed forests in good health, as the crustaceans prey on sea urchins that destroy kelp 鈥?a type of seaweed. However, there are no guarantees of a full recovery in our oceans.

  • Should fishing be banned around coral reefs?

  • Fishing affects the whole ecosystem and, as such, reef fishing has had a huge impact on some of the most vulnerable marine ecosystems 鈥?corals. Banning fishing could not only relieve pressure on some of the 4,000 fish species that live around coral reefs, but also on the corals themselves.