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  • When is trout fishing season?

  • trout fishing 2020 season: A quick guide to dates, limits, license prices and more Opening day for trout season. Trout season opened on Tuesday, April 7 . Mentored youth trout fishing days. The mentored youth fishing days were canceled for 2020. Fishing licenses. … Stocking Schedule. … Limits and requirements. … Creel limits

  • When is opening day for bass season?

  • Bass season opens the third Saturday in June and remains open until Nov. 30. Starting on Dec. 1 and continuing until the start of the regular season there is a catch and release season for bass during which you can fish for them using artificial lures, only.

  • When is sea bass season?

  • We fish for sea bass with clam bait while anchored or drifting very slowly. They are often mixed with porgies and blackfish. Fishing season runs from May to December. Sea bass are easy to catch and double headers are very common when fishing is good.

  • When is bass season in PA?

  • BASS SEASON BEGINS SATURDAY, JUNE 15 06/11/2019 HARRISBURG, Pa (June 11) – Summer fishing opportunities kick into high gear this Saturday, June 15 with the statewide start of bass season!