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  • What happens if you fish without a license?

  • If you’ve caught fish without a license, tack on even more charges. If the fish you’ve caught are under/oversized, over the limit, out of season, endangered, or protected…you’re in for a world of hurt.

  • What is the fine for fishing without a license?

  • The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission says that the base fine for fishing without a license is $75. It adds an amount equal to twice the cost of the appropriate fishing license to the base fine. The court may also sentence the violator to pay $20 per fish taken illegally.

  • Where can I Go Fishing Without a license?

  • Most states allow you to fish without a license in ponds that are entirely located on private property, and if the pond has no tributary stream inlets or outlets. In a case like that, you are allowed to fish without a license if you are the owner, related to the owner, or an authorized guest of the owner.

  • Is it legal to go fishing without a license?

  • Fishing without a license is an illegal activity. According to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (FWCA) of 1997, anglers need to secure a permit prior to fishing. This involves fishing in freshwater or saltwater, regardless of the purpose of fishing.