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is fishing good after a cold front插图

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Trout fishing can be very successful in and around cold fronts. Fishing action will be hottest before the cold front but during and after can be good as well. Just make sure once the cold arrives,you slow down and be ready to set the hook quickly on indecisive fish.

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  • Can you go fishing during a cold front?

  • The cold front often clears the skies, and more importantly, brings about a rapid rise in air pressure. In most cases, this means that fishing is a no-go. Once the air pressure reaches a high point, it finally stabilizes. There鈥檚 no set rule on how long this can take, as it usually depends on the storm that just passed.

  • What happens to fish when a cold front passes through?

  • Once a cold front (or rain storm) passes, the conditions tend to decline. That鈥檚 because barometric pressure increases after a storm, and that pressure tends to make fish lethargic. Just like humans, when the water.

  • Is it better to fish before or after the rain?

  • So, anybody and everybody who fishes has probably wondered, 鈥?is it better to fish before of after the rain ?鈥? weather clears. Should you fish before it rains or after? 鈥?that is the question. The answer to that question is: It depends. The weather before a rainstorm can impact the activity levels weather has been in recent days or weeks.

  • How do fronts affect fishing in saltwater?

  • Fishing after a front pushes through is then sometimes poor, and continues to be poor for a day or two. Tides and currents have a huge impact on success in saltwater fisheries. They affect water level, and a shallow area that holds fish during a high tide might be a bare mud bank during low tide conditions.