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  • Is there going to be an Olympics for fishing?

  • In fact, there have been rumors that the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, might provide the venue for the first competitive Olympic fishing event in history. It’s still unclear, but the idea has been around for a while. While fishing is not (yet) an Olympic Sport, there are many ways in which fishing has already been made into a competitive sport.

  • Are there any Olympics for largemouth bass fishing?

  • Largemouth bass have been introduced all over the world for the primary purpose of supporting recreational fishing opportunities and a variety of different competitive tournament structures are already in place, most notably the Major League Fishing Tour and the Bassmaster Series. The Olympics are currently being held in Japan.

  • What are the sports that have been removed from the Olympics?

  • Since the games restarted in 1896 many sports have been removed from the games, such as: 1 Cricket 2 Lacrosse 3 Polo 4 Power boating 5 Rackets 6 Water skiing 7 Tug O’ War

  • What are the new sports in the Tokyo Olympics?

  • The Tokyo games are set to feature five new sports on top of the 28 previously included ones. These new sports include skateboarding, surfing, climbing, karate, and baseball/softball. Luckily, the addition of these sports did not result in the discontinuation of any others.