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  • What’s the safest wind speed for a boat?

  • Knowing what constitutes a safe wind speed for boating is important, so here are 4 tips to add to your boat safety routine. Know the wind classifications so you can determine how much wind is too much for boating. Light wind: 1-15MPH. Moderate wind: 16-25 MPH.

  • How does wind direction affect fishing on a boat?

  • If you have a smaller boat, fishing in wind speeds in excess of 20 mph is not recommended. It also tends to get cold in this wind, plus casting is not easy either.

  • Is it good to go fishing on windy days?

  • And, on most lakes on windy days, the majority of fishermen are not where the majority of the active fish are. A careful analysis of the effects of wind on a fishery, and a thorough understanding of it will allow you to better utilize your time spent at the lake. Wind is our friend.

  • What do you need to know about fishing in high winds?

  • Being able to stay in contact with your bait is of utmost importance under these conditions. You can fish it fairly quickly, which is a help, because it’s not always easy to control your boat in high winds and fish a feel bait like a worm or jig at the same time.