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  • What is the best way to wrap a cord?

  • This method is merely a wrapping of rope around and around a handle. A special technique is used to secure your ends until you want to deploy your cord. Similar to a common whipping. Find instructions here or learn the common whipping knot. Very popular as a Japanese sword wrap, this method looks great on flat and oval handles.

  • How do you wrap a round handle with paracord?

  • Instead of weaving it around paracord strands, just do the same thing around your handle. This wrap is best on flat handles, but will work on round too. For a different look/grip you can orient the knotting on either the ridge or the flat side of the handle. Learn how to make the one in the picture with this video tutorial.

  • What kind of knot do you use for a handle wrap?

  • Learn how to make our fun twist on the paracord pineapple knot. Technically a form of a turk’s head, this knot has a nice even wavy appearance. Looks very nice with two or more colors. This tight knot is nice and thick. Another option for finishing off the ends of your handle wrap.

  • How do I find the easiest handle wraps?

  • Instead they are grouped by concept and ordered by difficulty, starting with the easiest handle wraps. Press ctrl+f if you are on a descktop computer to search this post for a specific wrap listed. Some of the pictures used are from our amazing Facebook fans.