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  • What can you do with tastyfish in booty Bay?

  • Make sure your fishing bobber lands in the school and you will be catching special fish instead of the normal Stranglethorn variety. The first person to catch forty Tastyfish can turn them into Fishmaster Bassbait in Booty Bay for a prize!

  • What level do you have to be to fish booty Bay?

  • at least 150 skill level in Fishing (minimum level requirement to fish in STV waters; 225 is better to avoid fish getting away) You also need to be standing on coastal or inland waters in Stranglethorn Vale when the tournament begins. There are no Pools of Tastyfish in Booty Bay itself.

  • What is the speckled tasty fishing tournament?

  • The object of the main tournament is to catch 40 Speckled Tastyfish from these pools and return them to Riggle Bassbait just outside of the inn in Booty Bay as quickly as possible. Be on the coast, at your fishing spot, with your pole in hand at 2pm or be prepared for a long uphill fight.

  • How do I participate in the fishing competition?

  • Anyone can participate, as long as they have the Fishing skill learned, but you should only aim to enter if you are a high enough level to deal with the mobs that are in the zone, as well as have a high enough Fishing skill to actually catch the fish. You will just need to start fishing as soon as the competition starts.