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  • How to catch a carp with a PVA bag?

  • There is no better way to get quick bites than adding attraction with PVA bags to present with your hook bait. A small parcel of bait can be just enough temptation for a carp to suck in your hook bait along with the free offerings that you have presented to them.

  • How to choose the best fishing bags for carp fishing?

  • Carp fishing with solid PVA bags will ensure you are not putting out too much bait and also have a bright hook bait to grab the attention of a carp. On high-pressure lakes, solid PVA bags can be the breakthrough to land wary carp.

  • How do you use PVA tape on a fishing hook?

  • Pull the hook link through the PVA mesh will camouflage the hook and protect the hook from being blunted on the lake bed. Sometimes carp can spook off of piles of bait, so using PVA tape or string to offer a handful of boilies may switch the carp on to your fish when the bags of pellet isn鈥檛 bringing the carp in.

  • Are PVA mesh bags good for fishing?

  • Mesh bags are great for quick-fire baiting. Having PVA mesh bags set up ready to go will really speed up casting once you鈥檝e had a fish, ensuring you don鈥檛 miss out on a bite when the fish start feeding. You can also use the PVA mesh bags to feed up a swim by catapulting them out.