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People also ask

  • What is Google Earth Engine and how do I use it?

  • Google Earth Engine is a great tool for analyzing our public data. It provides a powerful platform to work with the large amounts of public data we make available, as well as an extensive catalogue of other environmental and remote sensing datasets to use in your analyses.

  • Where can I download free GPS for fishing?

  • Google Earth and GPS Babel, can be downloaded free-of-charge. If you find yourself needing help after reading this entire article, you can post in our GPS, Safe Routes and Navigation forum at Louisiana Fishing Reports. Chances are another angler can help you. What is Google Earth?

  • How do you fly to a specific location on Google Earth?

  • You can type a place name, zipcode or postcode (for US or Canadian cities), a town/city name, an airport (three letter code or full name) or you can even try to type in a latitude-longitude location (in decimal format). Once you press the 鈫?Enter key, you’ll be flown to that destination.

  • Can you see fishing spots on Google Street View?

  • Using Street View I was able to find a parking spot right behind where I wanted to fish. Sometimes you can actually see people fishing on Street View but it鈥檒l save you a bunch of time if you鈥檙e going to be fishing from the shore. Find the spots before you go and you鈥檒l spend much more time fishing.