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how to use a popping cork for saltwater fishing插图

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Use a flick of the wrist to pop that cork back in your direction. Pop it a few times and then let it rest. Pop again, and rest. If you fish it like a crankbait, the fish isn鈥檛 going to have time to figure out what鈥檚 going on.

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  • Can you use a popping cork to catch fish?

  • Using live bait with a popping cork is perfect for catching fish inshore. The majority of baits can be fished under a float, but anglers will choose to fish shrimp, crabs, and mullet the majority of the time.

  • How does a popping cork rig work?

  • A popping cork rig lures big fish in by creating a sound like that of a frenzy feeding on the water surface. Moreover, it simulates the movement of a prey fleeing, thus attracting the attention of game fish. You have to put the popping cork to a place where fish will possibly be around.

  • What is the biggest popping cork on the market?

  • The largest popping cork on the market is the pear cork. These are the ultimate floats for fishing for big fish. Big baits need big corks. Several species anglers will target with these corks are redfish and tarpon.

  • How do you use a Cork rod?

  • Keep the line tight between the cork and your rod tip Keep your rod tip pointed at the cork (and not up or to the side) When you pop your cork, you want to do it abruptly. If you do it slowly, it won鈥檛 make that nice popping sound that attracts predator fish.