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how to use a popper fishing插图

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But below are the detailed instructions on fishing popper properly:Cast your fishing line from the surface into deep water.Wait for a few seconds for the fish to bite and reel into the lure.Use both hands to pull back until you feel resistance, then slowly release pressure with one hand while reeling in with the other.More items…

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  • What’s the best way to catch fish with poppers?

  • While you’re reeling the lure in, make subtle twitches with your fishing rod to snap the lure through the water and make small popping sounds that will attract fish. When you feel a bite, snap the rod to set the hook, and reel in your fish!

  • Why do you use popper lures for fishing?

  • Popper lures are a thrilling and effective way to lure fish to the surface and attract bites. Fishing with a surface popper is way more exciting than using your average lure because you can see a giant fish come up and trash it.

  • How are surface poppers used in Topwater fishing?

  • Surface poppers are a style of topwater fishing bait that get their action from a cupped face carved or molded into the front of the lure body. Fishing with surface poppers can be a thrilling experience since you often see the fish chase – and take – your lure.

  • What makes a popper sound when you fish?

  • When learning how to fish, poppers are a proven method for fishing any species, any where. These topwater lures come in a variety of shapes and sizes and feature a flat or concave front that, as you jerk the rod, creates a popping sound that mimics frantic baitfish.