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how to use a float tube for fishing插图

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The easiest way of getting into a standard float tube ison land. Face the tube away from where you want to enter. Have your fins on and all your equipment in easy reach. The crouch strap should be unbuckled.

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  • Should you use a float tube when fishing with a fly?

  • Use a longer rod 鈥?Unlike wading, using a float tube when fishing with a fly is not going to offer you the same range of motion. That鈥檚 why when using a longer rod, it鈥檒l help you stay on your spot without having much movement that might scare the fish.

  • What is float tubing?

  • Float tubing is a form of fishing. Or more so a way to fish or means to fish. Some people fish off of docks, some from a canoe or a kayak. A float tube is a chair-like mechanism that you fish from.

  • Do you need a longer fishing rod for float fishing?

  • No matter what species of fish you鈥檙e after, a somewhat longer fishing rod will compensate the restriction in movement, though the distance of your cast isn鈥檛 always as important in a float tube. You can often sneak in closer to your spot in a tube to eliminate the need for long casts.

  • How to use a fishing line float?

  • Attach the Fishing Float 鈥?Run your line through the float. There is a hallow tube that runs the length of the float. Simply run you fishing line through that tube starting at the top of the float. 4. Attach a Fishing Hook 鈥?Select the appropriate hook and size, and attach it to the end of your fishing line.