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how to use a flasher for salmon fishing插图

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One preferred way to run a flasher is to run it as鈥渄ummy or false鈥?flasher. This is when the flasher is connected to the end of the downrigger ball or at the bottom of the downrigger line and not the fishing line. When doing this make sure that the leader between the ball and the flasher is short, just enough so that the flasher will work.

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  • What are the best fishing flashers for salmon fishing?

  • Hot Spot, Oki, and Gibbs-Delta all make a variety of plastic flashers for the west coast salmon fishing markets. Solid metal flashers such as the Abe Al have been popular commercial flashers for decades and are manufactured by Luhr Jensen and Silver Horde. The standby colors for flashers have typically been green, red, and silver.

  • How do flashers work?

  • Flashers work through the creation of a visual mark that resembles an adult salmon swimming and slashing rapidly through a herring ball. When nearby salmon sees the flasher they anticipate that another salmon has found and attacked some forage fish and that there may be some injured baits nearby that could be scooped up for an easy meal.

  • How far behind the flasher do you rig a bait?

  • normally tied to your fishing line from your rod and reel.You will then rig a bait, hootchie, fly or lure two to five feet behind the flasher. With your boat in motion you let the flasher up to 30 feet back. Your fishing line is then clipped in a downrigger release and you are ready to take the setup to fishing depth.

  • What’s new in good day fishing flashers?

  • An assortment of Good Day Fishing flashers. The then new, lightweight flasher, which is made of acrylic-type material, has led to a revolution in the flasher industry. Of the thousand or more anglers trolling for salmon in the fabled Buoy 10 fishery on the Columbia River, 75 percent to 80 percent will be using some style of pyramid flasher.