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After wearing your fishing vest, attach one side of the magnetic net holder on to the ring of the best and the other on to the hook of your net. Additionally, you can attach it to the fishing net handle.

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  • What size fly fishing vest do I Need?

  • Vests usually sit off of the shoulders extending down to the middle of your abdomen. This is to help prevent submerging while wading or using a float tube . Some fly fishing vests do not offer sizes, but a “one size fits most,” model.

  • What are fishing vests made of?

  • Traditional fishing vests are made from solid fabric; usually cotton or nylon. Although traditional vests can feel heavy and bulky, they are very durable. Mesh vests are made from a combination of lightweight polyester, spandex, and nylon. They are desirable for their breathability and comfort, especially on hot summer days.

  • What is the best breathable mesh fishing vest?

  • Simms has created a durable, breathable mesh fishing vest to suit all of your needs. Made from polyester and nylon. This minimalist fishing vest is good for hot days and actually packs a pretty strong punch when it comes to space.

  • How do you put a fly box on a vest?

  • Place that box in a large pocket that’s most easily accessible with your dominant hand e.g. if you’re right handed, place it in the large pocket on the left side of your vest. That way, you’ll have an easier time unzipping and removing the fly box.