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how to use a fishing priest插图

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Try to find one that is heavy enough but easy to grip, and hit the fish on the top of the head just behind the eyes. Some fishermen also use a fishing priest. A priest is a small wooden bat used to hit the fish in the same spot as the rock.

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  • Can you fish Priest Lake in the summer?

  • No matter what time of the season, fishing at Priest Lake is an activity enjoyed by most visitors. In the summer, fishers can catch lake trout as deep as 100-feet or more using fishing methods such as; downriggers, leaded lines, wireline, and jigging.

  • What is a fishing priest?

  • The term is often used when describing a way to quickly and peacefully end a fishes life. The most recommended method for ending the life of smaller fish is using a tool known as a fishing priest, which is basically a wooden or metal rod with a heavy blunt end.

  • What kind of fish can you catch in Percy Priest Lake?

  • Percy Priest Lake is one such location, offering anglers lots of opportunity at a variety of fish. There are times of the year when angling is better for certain species, but for the most part there is always something to pursue in this 14,000-acre lake. Largemouth bass.

  • What crankbaits does Percy Priest like to throw?

  • These Priest experts like throwing Bandit 200 and 300 series crankbaits, while Charlie Campbell, an avid Percy Priest angler, likes throwing the Bandit Flatt Maxx. Natural patterns resembling shad or crawfish are good, as is root beer color.