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how to upgrade rods in fishing clash插图

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On the main screen of the game, on the left side, tap the gear option – there you can check the rods that you have. You can upgrade the rods bysacrificing the 1-5 star rods that you don鈥檛 use. Upgrading the rods will unlock new perks, increase combo bonuses, and instant catch chances. Fishing Clash Guide To License Bonus鈬?/div>Fishing Clash Tips Tricks: Guide 2021 – MrGuider

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  • Why upgrade your rod to the Pro version in fishing clash?

  • One of the most effective ways of becoming an upper echelon player in Fishing Clash is upgrading your rod to the pro version. The object of this strategy guide is to inform you about the importance and results of having a pro rod. I’ll also talk a little about rod bonuses and how they can affect your success in duels and championships.

  • How to get started with fishing clash?

  • Get Started With Fishing Clash Basics鈬?1 You earn coins by catching the fish 2 Each day, you can catch 50 fish (for coins). Later, you would not get coins 3 There are four things that determine the size of fish or rarity of fish or points or stars; power-ups, bonuses, rod, and lure

  • What happens when I level up my rod to 10?

  • Getting your rod to level 10 enhances your catch chance by 10% and your fishing speed by 20%. Faster fishing speed means more casts. More casts mean greater chances of catching a bigger fish. Here’s an example of a pro rod.

  • Why do you need pearls to upgrade fishing rods?

  • Your rods will be able to earn bonuses as they level up. However, bonus slots will be unlocked until you upgrade the rod to its 鈥減ro鈥?form, which is the aforementioned process that requires pearls. These bonuses will help you catch better fish, so they鈥檙e worth the trouble of getting them.