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how to untangle fishing reel插图

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put your thumb on the spool and apply pressure turn the handle slowly while applying pressure on the spool with your thumb, and run the knot underneath your thumb when the knot is untangled, clear the line from your reelapply pressure to the line above the reelby keeping it between your fingertips

People also ask

  • Why does my fishing reel have tangles?

  • Although some types of fishing reels are more prone to forming tangles than others, the fact is that in most cases, line knots are formed because of the one handling the rod and the reel. You might have noticed certain products in the market labeled anti-tangle or tangle-proof fishing lines.

  • How to stop fishing line from coming off the reel?

  • The easiest way to stop a new line from coming off the reel is to run it under hot water for a couple of minutes. The heat causes the line to form a memory of the reel by making it more pliable. This also ensures that the line doesn鈥檛 twist and tangle later on. How to Check If You Have Put Too Much Line on the Spool?

  • Is it possible to untangle backlash on a fishing line?

  • YES! Sign me up! NO. I hate fishing. Before we get into how to untangle backlash, here鈥檚 what NOT to do: don鈥檛 pull hard on the line and make it tight. That will just make it worse, and could even break your line if the knot is extra tight already.

  • How do you fix a spoil on a fishing reel?

  • Identify the line or lines that are wrapped around the main line that鈥檚 running out of the spoil, down the reel. You can do this by pulling the main line tight. The lines that are knotted will look like a loop going over the main line, pulling in the direction that the spoil is rotating. Create your own step-by-step repair guide.