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  • How fast should you troll for Kokanee?

  • Being alert to trolling speeds is vital when fishing for Kokanee. Slower trolling will produce the best results. Speeds from 1mph to 1.5mph are usually most effective. If having challenges slowing down your boat enough you can drag a drift sock or bucket behind the boat to help slow it down.

  • How far should you troll your lures?

  • As a general rule the stackers should be placed no closer than 10 feet apart and the lines trolled off them should be no more than 25 feet long. Obviously, stacking is most useful when the fish are holding in deep water. In the extreme you could cover a 60-foot span of the water column by spreading out a total of six lines using two downriggers.

  • How fast do you troll?

  • The best trolling speed depends on several factors including the type of fish, water conditions and lure choice. In general, trolling speeds between 1.5 and 2.5 mph, as measured by GPS, are a good starting place for most species like walleye, trout and salmon. However, for our purposes a guess just isn’t good enough.

  • How far to troll a lure?

  • General rule: start out with 20 ft. and increase in ten ft. intervals as you change lures if not successful. For rainbows, landlocks and browns 40-150 or 200ft back especially in shallower water.