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  • Can you transport a kayak on top of your car?

  • You can absolutely transport your kayak on top of your car attached to a roof rack. It鈥檚 convenient, it鈥檚 safe, and as long as your car鈥檚 roof rack is secured to the roof of your car and is rated to hold the weight of your kayak, most car racks are perfect for transporting your kayak. First, take a look at the roof of your car.

  • How to attach a kayak to a fishing rack?

  • Set the kayak upside down on the tubes and use the remaining straps to secure the kayak to each tube. Always secure the bow and stern to the bumpers when using this type of rack because there tends to be a lot of flex without them. This system is very simple, requires no permanent installation and is very economical.

  • How do you tie down a kayak in a car?

  • Hold the buckle end of the tie down strap in your non-throwing hand and standing next to one of the crossbars, throw the tag end over the kayak from the driveru0019s side to the passengeru0019s side (or visa versa). Set the buckle on the roof of the vehicle near the crossbar and walk around to the other side of the vehicle.

  • Do you need a warning flag when transporting a kayak?

  • It鈥檚 good practice to attach a red flag to the rear end of your kayak during transport. In fact, some states even require one by law. Be sure to check state road rules before you transport a kayak so you can avoid fines. It takes very little effort to add a warning flag.