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how to tie ice fishing jig插图

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After threading the bobber onto the line, add a split shot weight or two below the bobber, and then tie on a swivel. Next, tie a 1 to 2 foot leader to the swivel, and tie a 1/16 oz jig head to the other end of the leader. I like to use a 6 lb test fluorocarbon as my leader.

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  • Tips:Give yourself plenty of fishing line to work with. …Lubricate the line with saliva to make the knot go tighter.Test your knot before you use it (if the tag end is curly, the knot is not tight and you should retry). …The tighter the knot the better, so slowly and evenly make sure you tighten the knot as much as possible.More items…

  • What are the best fishing knots?

  • The Uni Knot is believed by some to be among the best knots for attaching lures to braided line. Some experts also considered the San Diego Jam Knot to be one of the best fishing knots for lures when using braided line. This knot seems to be somewhat obscure, but growing in popularity.

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  • FISHING KNOT BASICSChoose the right fishing knot and tie it correctly.Lubricate knots with water or saliva before drawing tight.Draw knots as tight as possible.Trim tag ends close to the knot.Fish often!Take a kid fishing!