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how to tie fishing wire together插图

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How to:Double the fishing line.Thread the loop through the hole of the hook.Then tie an overhand knot.Tread the loop carefully through the fishing hook.Gently pull lines to tighten the knot.Trim the loose end, if needed.

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  • What’s the best way to tie two fishing lines together?

  • There is a long list of different fishing knots that you can use to tie two lines together, whether you want to tie the main to the leader line or connect two fishing lines of different sizes. Some knots are used for a specific task like the Albright knot, which is typically used in fly fishing activities.

  • What’s the best way to tie a wire?

  • 1. Make sure that the wires are being twisted together rather than one wire being wrapped around the other. If one wire is wrapped around the other, the knot will slip. 2. Be sure to break the tag end off rather than cutting it. Leaving a 1/8 tag can cut your hand badly.

  • How do you attach fishing line to a barrel?

  • Prepare to attach one side of a barrel clasp to one end of the length of fishing line, using a clinch knot. Begin the clinch knot by passing the end of the fishing line through the eye of the barrel clasp on the half you are attaching to the line.

  • Which is the best knot to tie two lines together?

  • The International Game Fish Association acknowledges the Blood Knot as one of the best knots for tying two lines together. Wrap a line around the other one five to seven times. Then wrap the other line around the first five to seven times. Bring the ends of each line to the middle, pull them through and then pull each end to tighten.