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  • What is the strongest knot for fishing?

  • Though choices abound when choosing which knot to use when tying a lure to fishing line, there is only one knot you need to know: the Palomar knot. This knot is one of the strongest fishing knots, retaining about 91 percent of the fishing line’s stated strength.

  • How do you tie a FG knot?

  • Loop the lead line around both the leader and main line, then pull the end of the leader through the loop you created to make a tight knot at the end of the FG knot. Pull on the end of both the leader and the main line to tighten the knot. Then, tie another knot the same way and pull it tight again.

  • What is the most popular fishing knot?

  • Use the clinch knot as your go-to fishing knot. The clinch knot is probably the most popular fishing knot. That’s because it’s simple to tie, easy to remember, and holds its weight in durability. Use the clinch line for everyday fishing knots.