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  • What is the best way to tie a fishing hook?

  • Tying a Palomar knot. This knot is well regarded in fishing circles as one of the strongest fishing knots. Start by doubling the line and passing the loop through the eye of the hook. Tie this into a simple overhand knot–think of the first step in tying a shoe. Pull the end of the loop down and pass it over the hook.

  • What is the best knot for fishing line?

  • Palomar Knot. iii.Pull the end of the loop down and pass it completely over the hook. iv.Moisten the line and pull its both ends to draw up the knot. (Trim any excess). The Palomar knot is thought to be the best knot for light fishing lines as it tends to retain much of the original line strength.

  • What are the best fishing knots?

  • The Uni Knot is believed by some to be among the best knots for attaching lures to braided line. Some experts also considered the San Diego Jam Knot to be one of the best fishing knots for lures when using braided line. This knot seems to be somewhat obscure, but growing in popularity.

  • What is the best knot to tie two lines together?

  • The Albright Knot is by many considered the best knot for joining two lines of greatly differnt diameters or different materials. The albright knot is a great choice for attacing monofilament to braided line.