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how to tie a bobber to a fishing line插图

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Attach the bobber by pressing a piece of plastic on top of your bobber. This will release a small clip or hook on its bottom. Afterward, thread its line through your clip and release, and the bobber’s bottom will be affixed to the fishing line. I recommend you use the overhand knotOverhand knot

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  • Can you tie a Bobber stopper knot on a fishing line?

  • Bobber stopper knot tying steps are easy to follow, and will prevent your bobber or float stopper from sliding up on your fishing line. You can use a bobber stopper fishing knot, also sometimes referred so as a float stopper knot, to prevent your bobber or float from sliding up on your main fishing line.

  • Why do you need a Bobber on a fishing line?

  • Bobbers are an integral part of fishing, keeping the bait on the surface, away from the water bottom. The bobber pulls down when fish bites, so you can keep track of the fishing line.

  • What kind of line do you use for a Bobber stopper?

  • Dacron fly line backing works well for the float stopper knot. Scroll to see Animated Bobber Stopper Knot below the illustration and tying instructions. Bobber Stopper Knot Tying Instructions The knot should be made with about 6 inches of line, usually the same diameter as the line itself, or with Dacron.

  • How do you put a bead on a fishing line?

  • Tie a knot in your fishing line at about the same length as the water you want to fish is deep. The knot should be big enough to stop the bead from passing. Thread the bead, then the eyelet of the snap swivel onto the main fishing line, so they slide freely.