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how to thread a spinning reel fishing rod插图

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  • How do you set up a fishing line?

  • Thread the line through the ceramic guides on the pole. Release the drag on your reel and slip the line through the circular ceramic guides that run the length of the rod. With a spinning set-up, make sure you run the line under the bail before threading the guides.

  • How to put line on a baitcaster?

  • Steps To Put Line On A Baitcaster ReelStep: 1- Choose a Good Line. First, you will need to make sure you have or buy a suitable line. …Step: 2 – Soak For A While to Prevent Tangling. You can soak your fishing line for around 30 minutes in warm water, and it will help stop the line …Step: 3 – Continue Threading. …Step: 4 – Rewind the Line. …Step: 5 – Turn the Handle And You’re Done. …

  • How to string a fishing rod?

  • How to string a fishing rod: Different types of reelStep-1. Open up the Protect along with the Simply T-AKE Old-line Outside. …Step-2. Feed your line through the end of the reel closest to a pole/hand and then through the pay itself.Step-4. Today you have fed the point, though. …Step-5. …