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how to thread a fishing rod插图

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  • How do you set up a fishing rod?

  • Thread the line through the guides. Most rods have four to five guides, or eyelets, attached to the rod. Starting at the eyelet closest to the reel, thread it with the line starting at the bottom and coming out of the top. Work your way up to the top of the rod.

  • How is the best way to thread a fishing line?

  • Thread the line through the eyes and roller guide. Carefully guide the end of the new line through the eyes along the top of the fishing pole, like you’re threading a needle. The roller guide will usually sit between the eyes, so be sure to thread directly through the roller guide as well.

  • Which is the best thread to wrap a rod with?

  • Size D is the overall easiest thread to wrap with too – so if you are new to rod building size D may be the way to go. Most of the time you will see under wraps on heavier rods with double foot guides. A good rule of thumb when wrapping guides with an overwrap is to use size A thread under and size D thread over the top.

  • How do you tie off a fishing rod?

  • To tie off the wrap, insert a piece of folded in half thread between the last wrap like the photo shows. To complete the wrap, wrap over the folded over insert 8 times. Then cut the primary thread while putting pressure on the end of the wrap so it does not unravel. You will then thread the tag end through the loop from the folded over thread.