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  • What’s the best way to remove a rod guide?

  • Prepare your work station for removing this guide by setting aside a razor blade, a small flame, a pair of pliers, and a china marker. Using the following steps, you can successfully remove any broken guide from your fishing rod. 1. Apply Gentle Heat

  • What’s the best way to string a fishing rod?

  • 1 1: Open the Cover and the Take Old Line Out. … 2 Step #2: Feed the Line Into the Reel Under the Cover. Feed your line through the end of the reel closest to your pole/hand and then through the cover itself. 3 Step #3: Keep Tension and Spool Your Line Onto the Reel. … 4 Step #4: Feed Your Line Into the “Eyes” of the Rod. …

  • How do you remove epoxy from fishing rod?

  • Unwrap thread above and under the sticker (or at least from under the sticker to have a point to start with), and after that try peeling the epoxy of the sticker by using your nails. It’s easier said than done actually. This operation took almost as much as removing all the residue epoxy from where all the guides used to be.

  • What’s the best way to strip a fishing guide?

  • Before getting your blade in the wrapping try warming the area with a hair dryer in order to make the epoxy finish more malleable. Then plunge into the base of the guide with an exacto blade. Try stripping to the left as you look at the guide.